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sweet horses grazing around everywhere, Cousin Vanja...animals look quite happy here

these photos are from our stay in Bhumtang valley, buckwheat fields, Schnapps made by a swiss man Mr Maurer who lives since over 30 years in this valley and makes good cheese, schnapps etc, 
There is also a photo of a beautiful mountain you see the two lying giants?
And of course our wooden bath tub in which we took a stone bath!! great!

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20.05 | 08:42

Wonderful article my Love! Thank you for teaching me Love since the day we met and it's not over yet

26.04 | 10:23

My pleasure & happiness to be there with ELI's & TTG's people on this occasion.
I adore your work in two decades and wish you all the best in the next chapter.

22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

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