lunch with the minister of agriculture

lunch with the minister of agriculture

Today we had lunch wiith the minister of agriculture in an old house of a noble family,

Charming landlady, charming house and company

Look at my nice Kira! I am wearing it without the tight belt feels better

The photo of Tho and me is infront our house, getting ready for the outing,

I realize how much work Tho and his team have...but we'll try to relax this sunday and make some excurtions around Thimpu to explore for the next visit of our children and grandchildren

Every day people come here to the "office"in our apartment , very inspiring young people from civil society...I guess Tho will write more about them,

All this gives hope in GNH


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22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

08.08 | 20:03

I have read all of this enchanting Blog, Thank you dear Lisi and Tho, for taking us on the true joyful path with dharma rain for our seeds of compassion to grow

16.05 | 18:32

C est trop touchant.rien a ajouter.le temoignage suffit.

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