Sunny sunday

We stopped by a farm house, they offered us the most delicious sweet and juicy plums...We had forgotten to bring water and at this altitude and with the effort of climbing, the juice and sugar of the plums were a delight! So refreshing!
Tho with one of the young monks who protects the young king with his daily prayers

Sunday walk

Sunny sunday,

 A "lazy day" sunday...well sort of...

we took a taxi outside in our street to bring us up to the telecom tower just above from where we live, from there we walked through a forest of prayerflags, up to a little monastery (3050M) where 5 young monks of about 24 years live since 4 years without ever going down to Thimpu to pray CONSTANTLY for the wellbeing of the young 5th king,

Lucky King, lucky Bhutan!

And lucky all of us...:)




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27.12 | 14:35

Wonderful and wise words Thank you!

27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

27.06 | 18:44

Bonjour Lisi,
C'est Michel alias Janine de Versailles.
Nous souhaiterions reprendre contact avec Toi. Bien à Toi et à Anh Tho.

28.03 | 11:24

Thank you for sharing such good news. A wonderful project spreading waves of happiness. love from Jerusalem

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