Next generation

I believe in the next generation!

I am really happy to meet so many great young people!

They give hope for new paths to be discovered and to cultivate HAPPINESS and PEACE,

And looking at all these smiling loving faces gives me so much happiness and joy already!

Thank you all for being here ! You are our contiinuation and this makes me VERY HAPPY!

Tho is working a lot for his new task here in Bhutan,

There is so much to do and there are still quite limited material ressources and the human ressources are just starting to be built through his new team and his building a trustful and dynamic network,

Human relations are always the most precious assets in life and I feel Tho is starting to have good friends and partners here:)

As Tho is VERY busy this is why I have time to write on my blog,

Of course I help Tho as much as I can, but still as he is hours and hours busy writing documents, meeting people, i have time to discover how to use a blog etc...and it keeps me in touch with all those we love:)

Yes I admire Tho for his courage, 

Sending you my love on a cloudy Thimpu morning




Meeting between Sangay, the educated farmer, dynamic promoter of organic farming and GNH team
Your smile is my sunshine:)

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30.04 | 22:57

Thank you Lisi for your Wonderful article and for sharing all your practice. You are a good example. Love and Blessings from Claudia

21.03 | 07:00

Les vagues de l'amitié n ont pas de frontières mais des ailes bienfaisantes.much love take care.

27.12 | 14:35

Wonderful and wise words Thank you!

27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

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