mindfullness bell


Mindfullness bell



The GNH team has agreed to have a mindfulness bell as a reminder to “come back to ourselves” during working hours.

Tho has installed a BELL in his computer that sounds once in a while...


The first time I went to Plum village in 1989 or1990, I was totally overwhelmed by the practice of the mindfulness bell! It was like a revelation! It seems so “simple” and yet it is so profound and can change your life and guide you to awakening!


At the sound of a bell, or a telephone ringing, or a church bell sound…we stop…


Simply stop… whatever we are doing,


We stop walking, talking, writing on our computer, thinking…we just stop…


We only listen to the sound of the bell, we come back to our breathing, may be 3 in and outbreaths,


We look around us…what are we doing right now, feeling right now, we calm our thoughts, we feel our body, …we release tensions in our body we release our habit energy that want’s to push and pull us “away from”ourselves…


And …we go back to whatever we are doing in a refreshed more “free” way…



 The GNH team is working on the creation of the GNH Center for Happiness, so we try to work in a way that nourishes our happiness!


Yesterday when I wrote my blog : next generation, I was so HAPPY looking at all these smiling faces of my beloved family, old and new friends, and all of Tinh Truc Gia Team and Eurasia!


I though to myself Tinh Truc Gia, the Peaceful Bamboo Family in Hue Vn, ( www.eurasia.org.vn) is truly a happy place, a true GNH center!


In Tinh Truc Gia we are living and building a happy healthy sustainable Community that respects and builds on the 4 pillars and 9 domains of the GNH principles,


I really do hope that we can create links between what is done here in Bhutan and what we do with Eurasia in VN and Switzerland!


I really would love the TTG (Tinh Truc Gia) Eurasia (Vietnam-Switzerland)  team and the GNH team to meet!


When Tho accepted the position of program coordinator of the GNH Center in Bhutan, it came as a surprise…and yet I, and I think all of us who know Tho, we felt it was not really as a surprise…but still I needed time to adapt and even though I support him fully I had worries of how to organize our life in an harmonious and happy way!,


My aim is to feel our LIFE: TTG, Eurasia and Tho’s work here and our wonderful family and many wonderful friends as ONE !


One is nourishing the other, one is part of the other, one is not possible without the other,


Please do help me with this!:)


The bell in Tho’s computer has jut been ringing, (it rings at random...really nice!)


Listen listen to this wonderful sound


It brings me back to my own true self


Sending you my loving smile:)

Training course in TTG Hue Vn, look at all the happy smiles!
Tho with his team!

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14.04 | 11:07

Je progresse un peu en anglais et j'ai presque tout compris. Merci Lisy pour ton magnifique engagement dans cette belle réalisation qu'est TTG.

11.04 | 03:36

Looking forward to your next article beeing amongs the friends and development of TTG.THANK YOU And all the best.

08.04 | 10:20

Beautiful Lisa,- yes for sure being among the clouds gives a whole wonderful other dimension, - if we listen into it, as you did. Thank you

08.04 | 09:44

Wonderful blog entry, than k you Lisi

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