Mrs Hoa



I know Mrs Hoa since 1998,


14 years now!


She is one of the first teachers Eurasia hired for the 3 special classes in Thuan Thanh school in Hue.


She was actually chosen at this time by Hue city government for the Eurasia special classes project. Most of the teachers chosen at this time still work with us!


She was very young, but already had this lovely smile and maturity that impressed me from the start.


Since 12 years she works in Thuan Thanh School with children with mental disabilities and also with deaf and mute children.

She has joined ALL Eurasia training courses, the first one in Phu My Saigon in 1998 and also the one year course at Hue University organized by Eurasia and all the yearly ongoing training courses. So she really has a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge. 

Whenever she is free she comes to TTG and helps out where ever help is needed.

 In all my career in the field of special education I have seldom met such a talented educator and special teacher.


She has the right attitude, the skills, the authority, the artistic capacities, the kindness, love and care and most of all she has such a dedication and creativity in her work that whatever she does she does it well!!


I see her cooking with youngsters, teaching them counting, embroidering, working in the garden and most of all cleaning!


For her cleaning with the youngsters is one of the most important jobs.


She said through cleaning we teach them self respect, we teach them about beauty, their own beauty through hygiene, but also the beauty of their “home”. Cleaning the floor we make sure where we live is pleasant for us and others, cleaning the toilets we show our capacity to transform and make beautiful and comfortable every aspect of our lives.


And most of all, she is a truly good friend

Thank you Mrs Hoa

She has two lovely daughters ! Here with Misu, I'll try to find a photo of her whole family later!
Hoa was here with us from the start..creating TTG:)
Mrs Hoa the teacher...sorry the picture is a bit blurred, but as this is an important part of her work I wanted to add it

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27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

27.06 | 18:44

Bonjour Lisi,
C'est Michel alias Janine de Versailles.
Nous souhaiterions reprendre contact avec Toi. Bien à Toi et à Anh Tho.

28.03 | 11:24

Thank you for sharing such good news. A wonderful project spreading waves of happiness. love from Jerusalem

03.02 | 11:25

You look like your dad more than your Italian mum!
By the way, I once used to sit on that concrete bench where you were sitting at Wat Pho!

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