Sofia in Punakha Dzong

We just come back from a great week end in Punakha!


Lovely weather! Sunshine, blue sky!!!!!


We passed by Dochula Pass (3000m) and the drove down down down to 1200M to Punakha,


On the way Ilya Alexis and Sofia sang many great songs:... la petite fourmie, le loup garou, la famille tortue etc…and we played: who sees first: a truck with nice decorations…a cow…a prayer flag…chilli drying on a roof top...and always as the joker…a penis painted on the wall of a house!


Arriving in Phunakha in warm lovely temperature and at the lovely site of our hotel, just by the river, we all took a pleasurable afternoon nap laying on the grass, playing in the sand, listening to the river!


The boys played with so much fun by the river!

When grandpa Tho, Patho, told them he would stay there with them, while the parents Sofia and me went to visit the Dzong, they jumped in his arms with joy and gratitude! They really needed to PLAY!


What beauty Phunakha Dzong! What joy to see Sofia feeling at ease and enjoying every moment!


What joy to find Patho and the boys still playing by the river, two hours after we left them there!!!

Nath is arriving today!!!! Youpie

What do children really like to do in Thimphu, Punakha, Switzerland, Vietnam...anywhere....it is to PLAY!!!!!!!!!!
play, play, play and play....
Playing and dancing in Punakha Dzong!

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22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

08.08 | 20:03

I have read all of this enchanting Blog, Thank you dear Lisi and Tho, for taking us on the true joyful path with dharma rain for our seeds of compassion to grow

16.05 | 18:32

C est trop touchant.rien a ajouter.le temoignage suffit.

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