Beloved Family:)


This morning at 5h30, our daughter Russia Igor and the 3 children left for Paro airport, to fly via India (where they will probably meet Shantum) home to Switzerland,


It is such a blessing that they could come to Bhutan and that we could all be here together!


When Tho decided, when we all decided actually, that Tho would come to Bhutan it was and still is, a certain “sacrifice” for the family, of course.


But it also brings us a lot of joy and through Tho’s being here, we get to know and discover Bhutan (or as Ilya said: we come back to Bhutan…?)


It is so good for all of us to meet his new colleagues and friends, to know how and where he lives…where he works…and I hope also for his new friends here it is also good to meet Tho’s family and friends as well! To know his roots and loved ones!


We all feel at home here, through Tho it is home for all of our family!


When Sofia arrived in Bhutan I was moved to tears…what a victory!!!! Those of you who know her life story (Ah yes…so small and already quite a life story!!!) …you can imagine how amazed and grateful we are that she could come to Bhutan!!!! Isn’t this incredible! And she felt so at ease…


Today when we climbed up to Cheri with Nath our son, who is still here for some time, I remembered walking up with Russia and her family just a few days ago, I remembered Sofia walking up like a pilgrim, bravely and courageously …what a miracle indeed!!!! And what immense JOY!


When we walked today to Cheri, (it is a holiday in Bhutan) we looked at the trees, the rivers, the monastery, still through the eyes of our grandchildren…the trees are alive, are telling stories, the monkeys, the wild goats and even may be the Yeti…walking with our grandchildren in nature, history, the spirit become so much more alive!!!


Today, by “chance” when driving to Cheri, we saw many pilgrims walking towards Dechenphu Lhakhang. We decided to join the crowds and came upon a very big and important Setchu there.


The Temple itself is very beautiful and with all the colourful crowds, the wonderful ritual dances, the many many prayer flags dancing in the wind …it truly was magic…


The Prime minister and important guests were there, also a high monk who just blessed us yesterday here in our home at our landlords consecration of his shrine room…


Nath said he saw quite a few people he already saw before in Thimphu…yes one quickly feels at home here!

Hanging up prayer flags for you all our dear beloved Family and friends, May you all be happy an safe:)
Dechenphu Lhakhang
What beauty!
There is only gratitude and love
We do not forget you Miss Naomi :) You are in our kindest thoughts and in our hearts :)

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27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

27.06 | 18:44

Bonjour Lisi,
C'est Michel alias Janine de Versailles.
Nous souhaiterions reprendre contact avec Toi. Bien à Toi et à Anh Tho.

28.03 | 11:24

Thank you for sharing such good news. A wonderful project spreading waves of happiness. love from Jerusalem

03.02 | 11:25

You look like your dad more than your Italian mum!
By the way, I once used to sit on that concrete bench where you were sitting at Wat Pho!

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