Do not be afraid

Crossing to the other shore

With my loving thoughts on a sunny Thimphu morning

The river is flowing

Life is flowing...

Flowing with life,



Doing one's best

There is no time to loose

There is only being alive

Being awake

Life is so precious

Why being afraid?


crossing to the other shore...together

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22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

08.08 | 20:03

I have read all of this enchanting Blog, Thank you dear Lisi and Tho, for taking us on the true joyful path with dharma rain for our seeds of compassion to grow

16.05 | 18:32

C est trop touchant.rien a ajouter.le temoignage suffit.

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