Back in Sukhavati

The view over Geneva lake from the train this morning :) Beauty everywhere

I arrived yesterday morning after a smooth flight back in Geneva,

The morning in Geneva seemed cold and gray, people all dressed in gray, black, dark brown...without exception! (I really looked...and wondered why?) ...but then looking out from my window in the train bringing me back home , I was amazed by the beauty of autumn in Switzerland.

The photos I took were taken on my second train ride back into Lausanne a bit later when I went downtownto do some shopping, but in the morning with heavy gray clouds hanging over the lake, the golden, red , autumn colours were stunningly beautiful!

The trees looked very beautiful, the lake, the everywhere!

I promised myself to really look at the be...also here...and not let myself be caught by business as usual....

I thought to myself may be what made Bhutans beauty so overwhelming was may be my being present to it...?

Later when I went shopping downtown I saw Christmas decorations that totally disoriented myself...already Christmas...oh...everything looks so luxurious, so elegant and ...of course so clean...

Our home was nicely kept by our son in our absence :) but still I am a bit sad to come here alone...Tho is in Hue now and I hear he is very active and all is going well,

The colours, the tankas in our house actually feel very bhutanese...I was surprised...I wish my friends could come and join me here...friends from here there....everwhere...

No coming no after no before....


Ps: just got great news from Tho and TTG!

Please read his blog:


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20.05 | 08:42

Wonderful article my Love! Thank you for teaching me Love since the day we met and it's not over yet

26.04 | 10:23

My pleasure & happiness to be there with ELI's & TTG's people on this occasion.
I adore your work in two decades and wish you all the best in the next chapter.

22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

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