I wonder...


Trees are so beautiful in just like in Bhutan....

Look at the photos I took taking Alexis to is the beauty of life, ever changing..."the reality and perfection are ONE"

And yet I wonder why do we here in the west not worship and honor nature, or we only do it for our own sake or need and why in Bhutan do trees have a little shrine, a story...are nourrished by the attention of allmost everyone,

Everything that lives needs to be nourished...

No human, animal, plant, but also no feeling, no thought, friendship, love...nothing can live if it is not nourrished,

In Bhutan gods, nature beings, the spirit are nourrished daily through prayers, offerings, puja 's. People still know these are living beings and they need to be nourrished in order to survive and to be in harmony with the rest of life.

I remember in Ireland too, there were "holy" stones, trees, wells and that for some people they were more than just tourist attractions, but places of honoring nature, honoring nature spirits and keeping them in harmony with all of living beings

May be I'll start making little puja's when seing a beautiful tree...etc...we'll see what the nourrishment of my attention will make me discover...

ps the panorama photos of geneva lake were all taken from the train...that's why they are a bit shaky...but just look what great train ride I have daily!

Seen in Lausanne market!!!

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20.05 | 08:42

Wonderful article my Love! Thank you for teaching me Love since the day we met and it's not over yet

26.04 | 10:23

My pleasure & happiness to be there with ELI's & TTG's people on this occasion.
I adore your work in two decades and wish you all the best in the next chapter.

22.01 | 09:24

15.08 | 16:39

Et tout le mieux pour l'avenir de vos projects !

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