Flower fresh

I just skyped with Russia and her family,

I saw little Sofia, Ilya, Alexis, Igor, Russia...


I want to send them a bouquet of flowers from Thimphu before leaving tomorrow to Bumthang for a week,

So this blog will be sweet and short...I hope you can smell the sweet taste of all the blooming trees and flowers...I hope you enjoy all these wonderful colors 

Wishing you all Happiness


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OK Envoi...

mariana | Réponse 26.09.2013 10.59

Hello, my name is Mariana, I would like to find Ilya Alexis, the author of the book " Mind over money". Please, tell me that in your blog talk about him, thanks

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27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

27.06 | 18:44

Bonjour Lisi,
C'est Michel alias Janine de Versailles.
Nous souhaiterions reprendre contact avec Toi. Bien à Toi et à Anh Tho.

28.03 | 11:24

Thank you for sharing such good news. A wonderful project spreading waves of happiness. love from Jerusalem

03.02 | 11:25

You look like your dad more than your Italian mum!
By the way, I once used to sit on that concrete bench where you were sitting at Wat Pho!

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