Happy Easter


My life between Switzerland, Vietnam and Bhutan is ONE life!


On Happiness day here in Bhutan, in Switzerland and in Vietnam I felt the ONENESS of my life,


We are all interconnected, we are One, we are a Sangha

This is my last week end in Bhutan before leaving, via Thay's retreat in Bangkok with the PV Sangha, to Vietnam...before going back home to Switzerland. 

Is there a coming and going? 

Where is my home?...Here with Tho? In our home in Thimphu? With the GNH Sangha? (Sangha=comunity) ..In TTG Vietnam where my work, my friends are? Where my nice home waits for me? With the Eurasia Sangha? In Switzerland where my beloved children, grandchildren, friends are? And our nice home? With our Sangha du lac, Perceval and friends?

Home is in the here and now. It is rooted only in LOVE, and what ever and where ever life wants us to be..:) Home is our Sangha:)


There is no coming and going!


Please do read TTG’s (Peaceful Bamboo Family, Eurasia project www.eurasia.org.vn  or www.Tinhtrucgia.ch) and Tho’s blog havinhtho.blogspot.ch, and you’ll see we are One Family in the Spirit


My grandchildren bathed ( !!!! YES !!!) in their pond at home in Switzerland defying the cold of a late Spring in Europe, but enjoying their Happiness !


Sending you all my best greetings for a JOYFUL Easter celebration…where ever you are !

Ps we are climbing up Tigersnest for Easter...:) Will we find some Esaster eggs there?

Ilya on a cool spring day in Geneva:) Happy:)

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30.04 | 22:57

Thank you Lisi for your Wonderful article and for sharing all your practice. You are a good example. Love and Blessings from Claudia

21.03 | 07:00

Les vagues de l'amitié n ont pas de frontières mais des ailes bienfaisantes.much love take care.

27.12 | 14:35

Wonderful and wise words Thank you!

27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

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