Chuc Mung Nam Moi

Ming Mang tombs with Mrs Hoa, Mina, Salem,Tommy and Misu on a sunny day

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

In gratitude,

You have watered seeds

of love in me

In gratitude

I will water seeds of love

In someone too


I know you are there for me

And I am so happy

And when you suffer some

Please call and I will come


(plum village song)


On a bright sunny day during the Têt 2014 hollidays, (Chinese New Year) I took Mina and Salem out to the restaurant ! Mina and Salem are the two daughters of Mrs Trinh and Mr Tu , my co-workers ( of TTG ( in Hue, Vietnam.


It was a day like spring so warm, but not too warm, sunny, with a soft breeze…just perfect !

And specially for once I really had time for my co-workers children !

Usually when I come to Hue I have this INCREDIBLE timetable with « important meetings » from morning till evening, week ends included…but this time ….I was just here for friendship and love !

No timetable….just being here for you !


Salem had a little booklet with her in her sweet little hand bag. She showed it to me, and there someone had copied the words of this song : in gratitude


Yes I have come to Hue because someone called : please come !


Têt in Hue is quite wonderful !

Shops close !!!! This is really special! All shops close for 3-4 days, something almost unthinkable in Asia! Everywhere lovely decorations with yellow flowers, banderoles , everyone looking more relaxed, smiling…


Many ceremonies of « Beginning a New » honoring the Old Year and welcoming the New Year are celebrated during this time.


But it is mainly a time to be happy, to enjoy, to be together, to wish each other all the best !Health Happiness Love Prosperity and Friendship!


We all went to the lovely flower market, we went on boat rides on the perfume river, we went to visit many many friends, many many friends visited us, we « nibbled » hat dua…watermelon seeds all day long…laughed a lot, chatted a lot, cruised around on the motor bikes just for fun in the soft spring air,

...and I even played cards for money !!!! (When have I played cards in the last decades…I can’t remember…and for money…? I guess it was the first time ! Of course I lost because Mina sat behind me and every time I had good cards she jumped with joy…when I had bad cards she put her thumbs down….grrrr…ha ha…)

And yes at Têt we do pray a lot, we visit many pagodas, do many prostations (I have become expert of prostrations in Bhutan)

 On Têt no one is alone ! We all come together, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours…

We really had a lovely time!

 So please promise me…if someone calls you….please do come 






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30.04 | 22:57

Thank you Lisi for your Wonderful article and for sharing all your practice. You are a good example. Love and Blessings from Claudia

21.03 | 07:00

Les vagues de l'amitié n ont pas de frontières mais des ailes bienfaisantes.much love take care.

27.12 | 14:35

Wonderful and wise words Thank you!

27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

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