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This morning Tho and me had a nice talk while taking our breakfast…we somehow where moved, felt tender in our hearts thinking about so many of our friends…all over the world !


Tho said : it is so wonderful with true friends you don’t have to make a special effort to feel understood, you have a basic trust, a non judgement, if you are well, unwell, weak vulnerable or strong, making mistakes, doing great, it makes no difference.


There is a basic loving kindness, generosity, a feeling that we are fellow « pilgrims on this planet earth », that we are interdependent in walking this comon path,  even if our paths are not always close, seem to be going different directions, sometimes even "cross"…we know we are here with each other  and each « free » step that one of us can make on this path brings us all closer to « our true home »...

Ram Das says: we are all just walking each other home


I don’t know what triggered this conversation, may be that we have been to Vienna lately, the place where « our story started » (I guess it started way before…but let’s say where it started in this life ?)


In those Vienna days (in the early sixties !) we were a bunch of really good friends « roaming around Vienna downtown » ! We reinvented the World together, dreamed our lives together, discovered our pains and joys together, had so much fun (oh yes ! this also makes a good friendship…laughing together ...and sometimes crying together ) made lovely mistakes together and cherrished each others friendship dearly


With some we still are close friends, some passed away…some we lost track…we all know time and space are just an illusion...The feeling while walking around Vienna downtown was a feeling of freedom that our friendships offered us in our youth…and NOW !


Yes and this time we walked through Vienna with a new old friend, Brother David, who had been in Bhutan to see us with my cousins lately…what joy to have new friends and exactly the same feeling arises, a feeling of trust, of joy, of loving kindness and to know we are walking on this path together : TOGETHER WE ARE ONE


I would like to honor and express my deep gratitude to all my dear friends, childhood friends, student friends…of all stages in my life…friends here there, young and old, new and old, Vietnam, Bhutan,…many many places…I know I am who I am because of you all…your example, your insights, your trust, your love have made me grow into who I am ! I can’t name you all…but be sure I am thinking of you…right now !


I even want to thank my new FB friends…some I do not even know personnaly…some of you like my old childhood friend, with whom I totally lost touch since teen age years and rediscovered through FB …I feel so often when he posts something …it is like our childhood conversation is continuing, deepening, ripening...……or some I really do not know,…but I feel a friendship of the spirit… inspire me, teach us many new things...and some show us the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset :)




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Hélène Bott | Réponse 10.02.2016 16:09

Un grand MERCI pour le très beau partage !

jacqueline Tirler | Réponse 02.02.2016 10:45

Thank you for your talented generosity which inspires so many.much love

Tho | Réponse 30.01.2016 10:56

Wonderful writing on one of the most important theme in life!

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30.04 | 22:57

Thank you Lisi for your Wonderful article and for sharing all your practice. You are a good example. Love and Blessings from Claudia

21.03 | 07:00

Les vagues de l'amitié n ont pas de frontières mais des ailes bienfaisantes.much love take care.

27.12 | 14:35

Wonderful and wise words Thank you!

27.09 | 06:07

Bravo et félicitations!!!😘

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